27 April 2006

hommage à m.c.escher


26 April 2006

why a videogame?

"Man is the plaything of the gods, and that is the best of him; so we should play the noblest games."
"Human kind cannot bear very much reality."
Lara Croft

(from Trigger Happy, by Steven Poole)

Videogames are:
.immersive (as opposed to the one way communication of tv, the player is required to put his/her concentration on the gameplay)
.explorative (the player learns intensively by playing)
.pleasant (no one can be forced to play a game)
.a huge business (already in 1998 the british videogame market grossed 40% more than total cinema box-office receipts, and 80% more than video rentals)

...they have a great (largely unexpressed) potential, yet they remain a simulation.