26 January 2006

starting idea

This mind map visualises how term 1 short-projects (documented here) influence further research for Unit 2 project, which I'm going to document on this blog. It will be based on philosopher Plato's cave allegory, as an attempt to reinterpret this old fashioned yet fascinating myth within a contemporary context through a contemporary medium.
Here is a visual summary of the allegory in its key-events.

The mind map can be navigated moving the mouse. After clicking on the map one can zoom in and out with
keyboard UP and DOWN buttons.

FlashPlayer8 required (free download)


  • I love the light philosophical sense of this mind map project. I like the abstract concept and the coherency. maybe it's difficult to find the page center and stop the gravitation of your thoughts!

    By Anonymous simona, at Saturday, April 22, 2006 9:03:00 am  

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