29 January 2006

human intelligence and computers

Can computers become intelligent in human terms?
They have enormous calculating skills and lots of memorizyng capacity, but basically lack the human emotional and decision potential (they execute orders, and stand-by), but is it possible to apply human scales to computers?
How do we measure human intelligence? Here an interesting (well, long and academic but interesting somehow) article about IQ tests (intellingence quotient...human intelligence compressed into a 2-digit number, 3-digit for the smarter guys). They have been so powerful in the past, that during the 1920s IQ tests were used to identify “feeble-minded” persons. These persons were then subject to forced sterilization.

26 January 2006

starting idea

This mind map visualises how term 1 short-projects (documented here) influence further research for Unit 2 project, which I'm going to document on this blog. It will be based on philosopher Plato's cave allegory, as an attempt to reinterpret this old fashioned yet fascinating myth within a contemporary context through a contemporary medium.
Here is a visual summary of the allegory in its key-events.

The mind map can be navigated moving the mouse. After clicking on the map one can zoom in and out with
keyboard UP and DOWN buttons.

FlashPlayer8 required (free download)